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Sex Toys : When Shopping With Your Friends Is So Much Fun!

Has anyone heard of Passion Parties? Hilarious! You sit around with your girlfriends and listen to a woman talk about all these sex toys, I’m sure she’s never even tried and thinks you’re a pervert for thinking about, and you eat penis shaped cookies and drink out of penis straws. I personally love ordering online, nice, convenient, quick and with no pressure or embarrassment; not to mention delivery right to your front door.


Amazing sites with everything you can imagine from lubrication to tutorials are everywhere, offering you delights from all types of sexual encounters with no judgment or embarrassment. You don’t have to ask in front of all your girlfriends, and random women you don’t know, how to use something. If you find the right site everything is explained in plain English and Customer Service is more than happy to guide you in the right direction.


          So why not combine the two; keep the penis shaped cookies and straws, and cut out the embarrassment of random people knowing what you’re buying. Invite your girlfriends over, eat the phallic dessert and shop together. You can share information amongst each other and maybe even teach each other a thing or two with no pressure or embarrassment.





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